Scrappy yet refined.
Calculated but nimble.
Steph & Klay.
Butch & Sundance.
East meets - Ok you get it…

Balance is embedded in our DNA.

The Studio




Desmond Studio, formed by the collaborative vision of Sean Desmond and Eric Hsiao, blends Sean's dynamic documentary style of filmmaking with Eric's creative direction and post-production finesse. Sean, a Marin County native, refined his filmmaking skills at San Diego State University and in Hollywood, earning a spot as one of Print Magazine's 'Top 20 Artists Under 30.' Eric, who holds a Business Administration degree from UC Berkeley, shifted from a corporate path to pursue his passion for creative storytelling. Their partnership, forged from complementary strengths and solidified over great meals and long bike rides, harmonizes Sean's ability to capture the essence of moments with Eric's skill in crafting clarity out of creative chaos.

At the heart of Desmond Studio is an ethos of growth, fluidity, and passion, qualities that have caught the eye of clients like Google, The North Face, and IDEO. The team thrives on balance and open-mindedness, drawing from Sean and Eric's diverse backgrounds to further enrich storytelling. Their partnership underscores the studio's commitment to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital media landscape, always pushing the boundaries of innovation while fostering a creatively vibrant work environment.

We create digital content that tells the stories of
brands, products, and people.

The North Face
United Airlines
Bleacher Report